August 2016 newsletter

Dear all,


We are pleased to announce that a manuscript describing the genome sequence of narrow-leafed lupin cv. Tanjil has been accepted in Plant Biotechnology Journal and a copy of the accepted, unedited version is already available online ( Therefore we have also made significant changes to our lupin genome portal website as follows:

Under the download tab you will find both the scaffold and pseudochromosome assembly v1.0 for narrow-leafed lupin as well as the unplaced scaffolds in a separate file. Furthermore, the annotated gene/protein sets of version 1.0 are available for download. The raw data for this project has been submitted to GenBank and can be accessed from the following link (

Under the tools section we have made significant upgrades to the BLAST queries page with the scaffold assembly, the pseudochromosome assembly and the annotated gene set now available to search. Off course we have retained the survey assembly and de novo transcriptome assemblies described by Kamphuis et al (2015) in the BLAST search engine.

We have also updated the genome browsers with the scaffolds assembly available to browse and extensive synteny comparing the narrow-leafed lupin genome to other sequenced legume genomes through a collaboration with Steven Cannon’s team and their legume information system webpage.


We would like to thank all involved in the generation of this high quality reference genome assembly and are looking forward to the lupin community putting it to good use!


Kind regards,


The narrow-leafed lupin genome assembly team

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